Welcome to the new Art Of Change website. Well, we mess up our social media enough so thought we’d try try out the inter-web and see how much more trouble we can cause. 

We’ve added a few galleries and some info about what Art Of Change is, we’ll continue adding the supporting info and artists details.  The website is evolving (meaning we are still learning what some of the buttons do) and we still have so much content to add yet, so check back regularly as there will be plenty of new stuff being added; stories, picture galleries, confessions, denials as well as our Online Gallery where you will be able to peruse and buy some fantastic artworks from all of the new, emerging and established artists we have the pleasure to work with. 

So, providing we don’t accidentally delete everything we hope to have a fully functioning website……. one day. 

We’d love to hear from you too so feel free to leave comments and engage with us and any other viewers on the subjects we post that interest you.  We don’t particularly like censorship so we hope everyone will behave themselves and keep things constructive and light hearted. 

Dran demonstrating how to maintain social distancing.

Please take the time to sign up for our newsletter, its taken us long enough just to type this out so don’t expect we will be spamming you but we will try to give some regular updates and the occasional bit of gossip or special offer that will only available to our subscribers.  

In the meantime, stay safe, stay clean and stay 2m away.

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