"A great revolution is never the fault of the people, but of the government."
~ Goethe

The Revolution Walls Project
For the first 7 days of the revolution we spent our days at the protests wondering what more we could do. Then on day 8 we realised the best way we could contribute was to round up as many street artists as we could and make a statement.
On that first day at ESCWA we had 5 artists on the team, when we hit The Ring there were 15 and our numbers continued to grow.
Our Mission was simple, to reclaim the streets, to amplify the voice of the people, to inspire and motivate them and to continue the protests never losing sight of the issues and the unity the New Lebanon has brought.
We worked as a team, deciding which walls to hit, co-ordinating timing with protests. We provided as much paint as we could carry and the artists started painting the drab grey walls of a city and country that had suddenly found new life. We aren't responsible for all of the protest and revolution inspired art but the team have played a huge part in the movement. ESCWA, The Ring, Martyrs Square, Riad el Sohl, Le Grande Theatre, EDL, Choueifat, Tripoli....
The mission continues

ESCWA - United Nations

At least 200m of prime wall space located at one of the key protest sites by Riad El Sohl made this the perfect place to start, and returned many times until we finally filled the walls.

The Ring

On one side of the central dividing wall separating the highways the wall was 3m high and about 100-150m long. Protestors had closed The Ring to all traffic so we seized the moment and took it, the whole lot, one day, one single hit.

Riad El Solh

We first painted Around the hoardings at the Grand Theatre and over time completed 3 sides of that building as well as many locations along the Riad El Solh itself.


After spending so long in Beirut we decided to head North to Tripoli. Hooking up with Abrash who was hosting us , we took some spots around the Lebanese Flag building....

Focused Projects

Since the beginning of the October 17 uprising we have taken to the streets en-masse ..... but every now and then we would also do some smaller focused projects with artists.....