Beauty Amongst Chaos

Ahla Fawda are a Humanitarian and Community focused NGO that operate across Lebanon to support communities and families in need. They were founded in 2014  by Imane Assaf, a co-owner of the Art Of Change, and have developed an excellent reputation for their work and their compassion for the people of Lebanon and beyond.  With no regard for Religion, Politics or Nationality, Ahla Fawda does its best to support any family in need and inspire Communities to seek a better tomorrow. 

Thank You To All Of Our Healthcare Heroes

In April 2020 when the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic had paralysed the World,  Ahla Fawda wanted to echo the voice of the Nation and pay thanks to the front-line medical staff that are risking their own lives to care and support for Coronavirus Patients.  

Joined by Joy Fayad & Oliver Maalouf, with a special guest appearance by Aziza, they have visited Hospitals and Care Homes in Beirut, Batroun, Chouf and Tripoli to play a series of mini-concerts that received an amazing reception, from the Healthcare Heroes and Patients alike.  The video is a beautiful collection of some of the memories we all shared together. 

Released on International Nurses Day 12th May 2020   

Video footage by Lynn Dagher & Emilie Madi, Edited by Nathalie G. Moussa, Commissioned by Joy Fayad & Oliver Maalouf.

The events were only possible because of a huge team effort with the generosity and support of Private Companies, Fellow NGO’s, personal friends and the amazingly talented Joy Fayad, Oliver Maalouf and Aziza.

Supporting Our Communities in Times of Crisis

Ahla Fawda has been working hard during the Lockdown to support those families and communities in desperate need of support.  

To date, Ahla Fawda has raised the funds and distributed 1250 food boxes to families that are no longer able to support themselves during these terrible times.  The contents of Each food box have been selected so they will provide nutritional meals that will last the average family 3-4 weeks.  With the political and economical situation in Lebanon, on top of the coronavirus pandemic more and more families slide below the poverty line every day.   

Edited by Ziad Daouk (new video with updated numbers coming soon…) 

This initiative is under the umbrella of the  Covid19 Task Force supported by Mission Joy, and Khebz w Meleh.  

Ahla Fawda works tirelessly to help families in need but without your kind donations this wouldn’t be possible.  If you appreciate what we do and want to support us supporting those that are less fortunate than ourselves then please find it in your heart to make a donation, you will be putting food on the table for families that have no hope left.  Together we can make a difference. 

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