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Take a virtual ride with us around Hamra and see some of the work we have been doing - we will soon be adding all of the AOC street art from around Lebanon
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Our Services

As well as the Large-Scale Public Art murals we offer a multitude of artistic services for Artists and clients alike. Whether it is producing prints, staging festivals, exposing artists or undertaking commissions. Art of Change offer a complete end-end service

Fine-Art Prints

We produce our limited edition prints in-house using a top of the range, fully archival, wide format HDX Printer that produces Museum Standard Fine Art Prints. We are further enhancing our print production capabilities to include Screen Printing & Etching. As well as releasing our own Limited Edition Prints we also produce editions on behalf of artists and Galleries on request

Art Exhibitions

The Art Of Change Studio is a multi-Purpose space that is open and well-lit making for a perfect Gallery setting. In 2019, Art Of Change presented a series of exhibitions each with their own unique atmosphere and ambience. We specialise in Lebanese Artists but we also have work from Artists in London, Europe and the USA.

Art Consulting & Portfolio Management

We are experts in the Urban Contemporary Art Market expertly placed to advise, source and commission artwork on your behalf. Whether starting a collection, looking to diversify your current portfolio or seek out specific artists or works of art we can appraise your collection and advise on building a balanced and enviable portfolio.

Studio Space for Hire

We have 200sq metres of open, well lit space that is available to hire for Exhibitions, Workshops, Educational / Informational Classes and other events, private and public. We also regularly host artists that need studio space or wish to use our facilities while developing new projects. The Studio can be hired in whole or in partitioned areas.

Festivals & Public Art

Over the last 7 years we have participated in, supported, organised and curated a number of Urban & Community based Festivals in Beirut, Aley, Kfarmichki and London. We are experts in the Planning, Organisation and Delivery of festivals with tailored events, workshops, F&B, Visual and Performing Arts.

The Lebanese Revolution

17th October 2019 – the people of Lebanon finally realised the incumbent government served no one but themselves. Corruption,  losses amounting to billions of lira, failing infrastructure, no social or welfare services …..the melting pot finally boiled over.  

If Street Art had any purpose in this revolution it was to be the voice of the disenfranchised. A social commentary of the Revolution as it unfolded. 

Selected Artwork from the Gallery

Art Of Change Co-Founders

Beautiful Chaos

Ahla Fawda are an NGO based in Lebanon that work on environmental, community and humanitarian missions to support and enhance the lives of the people of Lebanon with a great deal of experience in public festivals and public art events.
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has a wealth of experience in Urban Contemporary / Modern Art specializing in curating street / public art, project management of large scale initiatives as well as consulting on the development of artist strategies and enhancing client portfolios
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Tinol Paints provide some of the finest acrylic emulsion paints we have ever used. They pride themselves on the longevity of their colours as well as the safety and eco-friendliness of their products. Tinol Paints have been immensely supportive of us from the start and we couldn’t imagine using any other brand, every singe mural we have done has Tinol Paint at the base.
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Auto Khaled are specialists in providing the right equipment for the job and have never failed anything we have asked of them. From providing elevated platforms to Huge Cranes able to elevate our artists to complete 45m high Murals. It is always a pleasure to work with the Auto Khaled guys, their support and commitment to the job are a crucial part of the success in completing a mural.
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Our main supplier for Montana Cans, the leading German Brand in Acrylic Spray Paint well established the world over for the quality of their products. We have worked with L’Architecte for many years and it's always a pleasure to work with L'Architecte.
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Loop Colors Lebanon

Loop Colors as a brand is new to the Lebanese market, an Italian made acrylic spray paint that has proven to be very popular with most of our artists. Loop Colors Lebanon, the sole suppliers of the Loop Product range, have been amazing in their level of support and ability to meet our demands, even at short notice.
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